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98% Patience for Great Nature Photos

Anyone who has joined me on one of my nature photography workshops or has read my book knows this formula‚Ķ 98% patience, 1% luck ands 1% skill is required to be successful at nature photography. Waiting for hours in a blind for wildlife to appear or for the light to be ‘just right’ can taxContinue Reading

Pack Up or Keep Shooting?

Not every photo opportunity is perfect. Sometimes we are in the right place at the wrong time of day or in bad light for the subject. In some circumstances we may just pack up our gear and choose to come back at different time of day, or a different day, to get the image weContinue Reading

Our New Blog!

Welcome to THE WILD LENS, the new blog from the photo instructors at Wildside Nature Tours. We will soon be up and running with weekly photographic hints and tips to help you get the best images possible! Please check back as the first posts should be coming soon!